Dungarvan Paints & DIY, Waterford – Success Story

Dungarvan Paints & DIY is located in the heart of the square in Dungarvan. We kind of look at ourselves like the GPs of the DIY industry in terms of most of our clientele will come in with some sort of ailment.

Nine times out of ten we’ll be able to solve that, and if not we refer them to somebody that can, and generally that’s within in our own locality. We have very active Chamber of Commerce in Dungarvan and Waterford West Chamber of Commerce and they put us down the route of Microfinance Ireland through the local LEO office.

Because we were a start-up up we couldn’t take the traditional route with standard banking because I suppose we had no profitability, so the ideal situation was Microfinance Ireland.

“Every person we dealt with in MFI was exceptionally helpful.”


Dungarvan Paints & DIY

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